Things to Remember When Wholesale Hooded Sweatshirts

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Needless to say, both consumers and buyers need to pay attention to a lot when looking for hooded sweatshirts. The type and function of the sweater will

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Needless to say, both consumers and buyers need to pay attention to a lot when looking for hooded sweatshirts. The type and function of the sweater will determine its use. So what do you need to consider when selling hoodies in bulk?

1. First of all, take a look at the fabric of the hoodies wholesale

When choosing a good sweater, the most important thing is the choice of fabric. If the selected fabric is of poor quality, it will become unusable very quickly.

Wholesale hoodies cheap on unreliable websites are mostly made from CVC fabrics, which we usually call polyester and cotton. They are poorly breathable, create static electricity, are uncomfortable to wear, and some even use aggressive chemical materials to create even greater heat loss and air infiltration for sweatshirts.

It is best to use pure cotton fabric, which makes the sweatshirt in the best tradition of comfort. The best cotton is cotton from Xinjiang. Due to its special geographical location, good cotton yarns are produced in Khindsi, which entails good fabric density and excellent quality. Cotton wool is carefully combed: in this process, all defects and impurities of the cotton are eliminated, and a smooth thread is formed, which makes the fabric denser and not subject to tearing, so the quality of the product is more stable.

To make the sweater even more comfortable later on, it is also necessary to polish the fabric, preferably with a carbon polish. Carbon polishing is a method of polishing fabric using a polishing machine made from carbon abrasive wires. As a result, it turns out that there is no damage to the fabric, long threads do not jump out, there are no irregularities and sloppy trimmings and fringes, and there is no obvious difference in the color of clothing in different areas. And finally, after a delicate wash, the clothes become more comfortable and this feeling is remembered for a long time after contact with the skin.

2. Second, choose the style of wholesale hoodies sweatshirts

Typically there are drawstring hoods, half open collars, and fully open hoods. Different styles feel different when worn. Half open collars and full open collars are more casual and stylish.

Few types of clothing can combine fashion and functionality, but hoodies and sweatshirts are the exception to this rule. Combining comfort and style, hooded sweatshirts have become the garment of choice for athletes of all ages.

Influential men and women who do not want to "graze the back" should add a few sweaters to their wardrobe regardless of the season, and versatile hoodies with a variety of pockets, necklaces and other accessories are also at the height of fashion. Today, sweatshirts with totems and amulets are very popular ... Hoodies with various patterns, with the addition of letters and other elements, look very dynamic.

In general, you can have at least two types of sweatshirts: round neck and cardigan. If you are accustomed to indoor fitness, then you probably want to choose a sweater that fits snugly around your body. If you do a lot of outdoor sports, you can opt for wholesale zip-up hoodie sweatshirts - after all, you can add a t-shirt to that.