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The Blackout was obviously touched on as well, with Hilmar coming away happy with how it was conducted, and the learnings the team was able to EVE Mobile ISK come off with,"This was a excellent experimentation to understand what a good duration would be, also in this case it was too long. We added nothing to our own knowledge about it after day 40, 66 days was too long."

The launch cadence was also discussed, together with Hilmar talking finding the ideal balance between releasing all at once versus piece meal,"The way we've been handling the upgrades, I often explain it like as if you had been a sausage mill. You need to produce sausages, set them in a pack, package them together, and here's a bunch of sausages. But we're kind of just releasing a long sausage which has no break in it and nobody wants that. Our updates are so supply pushed, what gets delivered from the dev team is simply released in one flow."

You can check out the full interview here.

It seems like one player in EVE Online has nabbed around $60,000 worth of items.

Going by the name Sulley, this wasn't some effortless effort. According to PC Gamer, Sulley spent a full month coordinating a"marauding marathon" that included the destruction of 32 player-owned channels. These channels had been nested in Hisec.Many of those stations had several things of significance, as is to be anticipated. This station was owned by players called Future Tech Industries. Apparently, this directed the team to EVE Echoes ISK For Sale a historical loot of 4 bucks ISK values in items. This converts to about $60,000.