It has lost a lot of the charm and magical the old games

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It has lost a lot of the charm and magical the old games

While it would be hard to make cuts without someone losing a popular, I'd think that if they trimmed the roster in order to Animal Crossing Bells create every more unique or add more varietyIt seems to be the first thing that every villager states every day, which hides all the actually (semi automatic ) particular conversation they have two or three interactions down.

I enjoy the game but besides some adjustments, I believe the gameloop has gotten less energetic. I recall speaking to villagers and them do chores and stuff for them. Now they give me repetitive lines.

I feel like bits have improved up to the sport has regressed.

I am 130 hours at btw.

To be honest, I can not remember them asking lots favors. The only ones I get are the occasional"can you deliver this apology to someone" stuff. I remember in the past it was a lot more frequent.

Just because folks are complaining doesnt mean that they dont like animal crossing matches, that is a false equivalency. I adore the AC show but this one just felt hollow as fuck...

Hollow is an excellent way to describe it. It has lost a lot of the charm and magical the old games had (and still have)

It seems only from reading all the comments like the people who love New Horizons and have no complaints are individuals who discovered Animal Crossing either with this game or with pocket camp.

Dude, the most outspoken critics and the best comments ARE those who like monster crossing games. Half the time that they bring up old AC matches with much more functionality/features. Read the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items damn comments rather than skimming.