The people that are found suspicious of cheating

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The people that are found suspicious of cheating

The people that are found suspicious of cheating will be tucked to a database with all the other people who are found questionable. After they are in the RS gold database then Jagex will have a look at how much they have done and their match action, or something along those lines. This notion is not appropriate for an instant ban, not until the app can be thought out well enough for the auto-banner, something which will have the ability to decide if you're a macro or not. I mean even if you do get banned you can always go back and try to appeal it.

This app will even take screen shots. The screen shots will be taken every so often on gamers who are thought to be more macroing. The screen shots will likely bring about lag to the game so if anybody has any better ideas here please post on that. But the entire idea of a screen shot is to identify whether the player is talking at all. Many Macroers have a script which will enable players to speak with you personally and you will have a set question or questions that the program will respond to. The screen shot will just help check the chat on such player.

Even though Jagex did possess the materials to create a program could record all the chat lines, could you just fathom the idea of how much storage space it would consume? I also have begun to observe that people have disagreed with this, why? They say due to clicking. Random clicking won't get your player logged into the database, you have to have hit on the tree a lot of times before it is going to take you name. This can help to prevent the arbitrary clickers try to leave or get from there current site. Although I have come to a debate with myself over this. Could the program be educated to just record following the participant took so many clips, or would it have to record your stats after the first strike?

I believe I have found you might always have mistakes in the system, but you could do it after having a two or 5 click. There are various apps that operate on RS that you have to click a few times before it will commence itself. So just do exactly the same concept but run down it a bit. Skillers would become prime targets with this program, as cheap OSRS gold it might log individuals who attempt to do the identical thing repeatedly. I am attempting to work out some additional information and I'll add them when I get them fully worked out. I am trying to make it more non-macro friendly. . .lol...