All Eyes are On Art Galleries These Days

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Image Transfers: Custom Dry Transfers & Custom Rub On Decals

Major global art dealers operate some of the world's highest-profile businesses. They sell artworks at prices on par with top auction houses in many cases, and everything they do is under scrutiny. It's why even more minor details like art gallery wall labels must be perfect every time. Gallerists need to make an excellent impression on visiting clients – and try to engage people in the art in every way possible. Captions next to the work help people understand more and perhaps help spark interest. Caption cards are one way to do the wall labels, but the best galleries want options to improve their presentations.

The producers of dry transfer decals have been called upon increasingly to captions for walls and exhibit cases. Their rub-on decals have a polished appearance that is the right caliber for the flawless look that galleries today expect. The captions need to be as unobtrusive as always but also have a high-end look. The decals are adhesive-backed lacquer ink and look as though lettering I painted directly onto the wall. It's far superior to a caption card printed on a laser printer. Cards also confine the appearance to a black-and-white look that is most popular, but decals can provide colors if you do need choices.

For many high-profile galleries, producing shows on par with museum exhibits is an important comparison point. Therefore, anything gallerists can do to improve their presentations becomes essential. Using dry transfers for wall labels/exhibit captions is an easy standard to match. They are not overly expensive and can be applied to the wall more quickly than virtually any other method. If you've never tried them, you might not realize how the rub on in a single step with no adhesive required. It's already there on the transfers themselves, so you need nothing extra to apply them.

Art galleries are in business to sell artwork, and engaging clients and impressing critics are crucial. The excellent final appearance of the decals for wall labels explains their growing popularity. They're also ideal for small and medium-size interior signage, including logos and other graphic elements. If you can design them on your screen and save them as a digital file, your design can be converted to dry transfer decals. You can gang up a group of captions onto one page to save on production costs, and it's as easy as cutting them apart when you're ready to apply them. It really is that simple of a process.