How Do I Fix Disappeared Emails in Outlook?

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Fix Disappeared Emails in Outlook

You might have experienced Outlook email disappeared after reading. Now you might be wondering if Microsoft Outlook erases messages from the Inbox. Well, don’t worry this is not the case, there are many reasons that trigger this issue, follow the underneath section where we have described the reasons along with the solution 

Why Emails Are Disappearing Outlook?

In the missing emails in the outlook situation, we suggest that you examine recuperating your Outlook password and taking all expected security safeguards. Generally, when Outlook emails have missing, it could be a subject of configuration in your settings, account dormancy, email directions set up on Outlook, and emails relocated to a deleted folder.


Stop Emails Disappearing from Outlook

Follow the underneath steps to retrieve outlook missing emails;

1. Export old mail history

  • Open Outlook and click File and choose Open Export.
  • Now press the Import/Export.
  • Next, choose Export to a file.
  • Tap on Outlook Data File (.pst) and pick an email account.
  • Make sure you comprise the subfolder and hit the Next.
  • Click Browse and choose a place and name the file.
  • Now click Finish.


2. Create a new Outlook profile

  • Begin with Start and choose Control Panel.
  • Tap on View by and choose Large Icons.
  • Tap on the Mail and Add option
  • Choose a Create new profile option
  • Use Outlook to organize the new account via an email address and password.


3. Import your old email

  • Open the new Outlook account.
  • Press File and choose Open Export.
  • Now click Import/Export.
  • Pick Import from another program or file and hit Next.
  • Choose Outlook Data file (.pst) and tap on Next.
  • Now Browse and find the PST file from the location you saved it 
  • When you get a message stating All folders are up to date then the process is done.

If this process is performed successfully, you will be able to see emails disappearing from Outlook. 


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