Aion Classic Chanters: What Can I Expect from Playing A Chanter

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Chanters can provide the best buffs in the game for nearby team members

In Aion Classic, Chanters can provide the best buffs in the game for nearby team members. Their spells cannot be dispelled, and can be combined to provide useful combinations to increase magic, physical attack, crit rate, attack speed, resistance, HP and MP recovery, reduce casting time, and so on.

In addition to their support abilities, Chanters can also use their chosen stigmata skills as a secondary DPS class when needed. On the other hand, they can be used as auxiliary treatment professions, using some of the healing spells they can provide.

What are Chanter's best statistics and what do they mean?

Just like the priest, the chant's bonus is distributed in a balanced way, excluding accuracy and agility. Unlike priests, Chanters have a slight advantage in strength. They can definitely rely on DPS to cause a lot of physical damage to the staff.

Despite this, Chanters don't have much chance to cause explosive damage like Gladiator or an Assassin, which means that their battles will last longer, and Chanters need to heal themselves and observe their mana pools over time.

Singing ability

What are your expectations for playing Chanter in Aion Classic Gold? Chanters can benefit from their physical and magical attributes: use magic and healing and auxiliary spells, including their spells, and inflict physical damage on a fatal blow with a knockdown chance.

This balance ultimately becomes a key factor in their success in single-player PvE, and is very useful for balancing the parties in a team game, whether they need more support or more damage.

Single and group capabilities

Like the soul master, the chanter takes time to defeat the mob, but because of this method, it eventually becomes one of the most effective PvE professions in the Aion canon. When their health drops too low, chanters can use healing spells to take care of themselves, and their chain armor can reduce the damage they receive.

Both helped Chanter get close and wield his staff during their attacks. The wand has a high crit rate and has the fastest attack speed among two-handed weapons. This is very beneficial to the chanter’s knockdown rate during a crit—so that the chanter who wields the wand can be very effective Lock the class.

However, it should be noted that due to low attack power, Chanters may have difficulty fighting multiple opponents at the same time.

Play Chanter in a group

Chanters are a good way to balance the team: they are always welcomed as excellent buffers, can adapt to any rewards that are good for the team according to their composition and opponents, and they can of course provide some effective single-target DPS and disable the use of one Staff.

However, the spell does have a relatively short range, so auxiliary Chanters need to pay attention to their position in battle, occasionally forcing them to choose whether to focus on attacking the opponent or follow the surrounding crowd. However, when chanters do make full use of their many mantra gains, it will have a very significant impact on the continuity and performance of the party. You can Buy Cheap Aion Classic Kinah to make things become easier.