Group Travel Hacks: How To Save More On Singapore Airlines Flights

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Singapore Airlines fares change constantly and they also change based on when you book your Singapore airlines flight. Book in advance to lock down a lower price. If you haven’t started planning, it might be too late – Singapore Airline prices tend to spike in July and August because d

Singapore Airlines’ group travel deals are some of the best you can find anywhere, with some impressive discounts on Singapore Airlines Flights to and from the South-East Asian island nation of Singapore. But there are many ways to save more when Singapore Airlines Booking your trip, whether it’s with friends or coworkers, with family or with colleagues and clients. These tips will help you save more on your next trip, no matter where you’re going or why you’re going there.

Book your Singapore Airlines Flights well in advance

Singapore Airlines fares change constantly and they also change based on when you book your Singapore airlines flight. Book in advance to lock down a lower price. If you haven’t started planning, it might be too late – Singapore Airline prices tend to spike in July and August because demand is high during those months. As of today, Singapore Airlines Booking a round trip ticket from San Francisco to Singapore for November starts at $1,392. If you wait until August or September to book your trip, that same ticket will cost about $2,000 or more. You can still find cheap fares if you sign up for email alerts or try Google Flights but last-minute savings are slim pickings once school has let out for summer vacation.

Pre-book your meals on all Singapore Airlines Flights

The best way to save money on a flight is to travel off-peak and avoid major holidays; however, if you’re taking a business trip or have family traveling with you, these tips won’t work for you. However, one hack that does apply regardless of which time of year you are traveling is to pre-book your meals before getting on your flight. Singapore Airlines in-flight catering works as follows: by pre-booking each individual meal online before boarding, travelers can save 50% on their food costs. For example, if two meals would normally cost $58 USD per person and they are instead purchased beforehand, they would only be $29 USD each—saving $29 USD total.

Book Singapore airlines business class if you can afford it

One of my travel hack buddies knows a thing or two about saving money on Singapore airlines business class flights. He estimates that business class is usually 40% more expensive than economy, but offers twice as much comfort, which can make a huge difference over long journeys. So whenever you can afford it—and your schedule allows for it—consider splurging on a business-class seat. When you book your flight with Singapore Airlines Flights, they’ll match you with available upgrades from within the economy. If there are no upgrades available to a higher cabin, you’ll still receive bonus KrisFlyer miles for your booking that can be used toward future awards and upgrades.

Use seat select to pre-select seats together

Many travelers can’t resist choosing their own seats for group travel. After all, nobody wants to sit next to a talkative stranger or get stuck in a middle seat. However, by pre-selecting seats together, you can take advantage of discounted fares from airlines like Singapore Airlines and avoid paying fees on top of fees when booking individual seats at full price. Planning ahead will save you money and make everyone more comfortable during your journey. If you are traveling with family or friends, don’t forget to consider these 7 Group Travel Tips For Families When Flying Overseas!

Take advantage of non-peak hours

Group travel during non-peak hours will help you get better deals because Singapore Airlines is less likely to be overbooked. Check with your group members to see when they are free, and start looking for flights when everyone can fly together. The best part about flying during off-peak hours is that you’ll most likely avoid delays! If possible, look for tickets with multiple layovers; multi-stop flights often have cheaper fares because there’s no backtracking. You can also save some money by buying a second ticket as soon as you book your first one—this way, you’ll get an instant 25% discount on a second ticket of equal or lesser value. And if you need to change your flight date later on, don’t worry—you won’t lose any miles or status points.

Pick out your kids' meals in advance

Because not all Singapore Airlines flights include complimentary in-flight meals, consider picking out your kids' meals in advance and having them ready to go at Check-in Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines offers family friendly meals that are perfect for picky eaters, including chicken nuggets and spaghetti with meatballs. In addition to saving money on those additional meals for your kids, you can pay for them using KrisFlyer miles instead of cash. A great way to stretch your vacation dollars! If your flight does include a meal service, but it's not something your kids will eat (no matter how hard you try), consider ordering a special meal or purchasing an extra meal before boarding so they don't have to waste it. (This is also a good idea if there are any other items on board that you know they won't touch.) Just ask an agent at Singapore Airlines Check-in or when booking online if you have questions about what is available or what options would be best for certain dietary restrictions.

Leave early for Changi Airport

While Singapore Airlines offers a range of services and lounges, even they don’t have a direct path to making your Changi Airport experience more convenient. However, taking advantage of public transport before you even get there can save you time on your way back. For example, if you want to use Changi Airport’s shuttle bus service to get between terminals, waiting until 90 minutes before departure will cost S$10 (roughly US$7), but waiting until 30 minutes before departure costs only S$6 (roughly US$4). And while these options are almost always worth it for families or larger groups, there’s no harm in leaving earlier than necessary—you won’t be charged for it unless you board earlier than planned. As an added bonus, since most shuttles run every 10-15 minutes during peak hours, early arrivals could allow you to skip lines entirely. Just make sure that all members of your party arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

Take transit trains vs MRT vs taxi vs Uber/GrabCar

If you’re traveling with a group, taking transit trains between destinations might be cheaper than booking separate Singapore Airlines Plane Tickets and paying for taxis or rideshares. Singapore Airlines offers discounted rates for its award-winning SkyTrain service between Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Taipei. Each city is served by a local station on its rail network—for example, Singapore has three stations connecting it to Malaysia. And in Japan, domestic flights can be a far cheaper option than bullet trains (which are more efficient for longer distances), so check your alternatives before deciding on a Singapore Airlines Ticket.