Create Android App from Website without Any Special Knowledge

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If you want to Convert Website to Mobile App Software just rely on WebViewGold. This is a perfect app maker you will never regret using.

If you want to Convert Website to Mobile App Software just rely on WebViewGold. This is a perfect app maker you will never regret using. Being a 100% complete full app template, it can provide you with unlimited solutions and you can convert your existing website into an app in the easiest possible way. You should just download the WebViewGold app template to Create Android App from Website and strictly follow every step to reach the stunning results.

If you are interested in turning your website into an Android app, then you need to have latest Android Studio. For iOS, however, you should have the latest Xcode app (it will run on your own Mac). Once your iOS or Android app is created, you will also want to submit it to an App Store or Play Store respectively. That’s where you need to have a developer account from Google and Apple. 

Create Your Mobile App without Knowledge

Thanks to this flexible app converter, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge at all. There are amazing features to discover at WebViewGold and you will also come across many excellent comments and feedback online. Those who used WebViewGold templates consider this platform a perfect platform to Convert Website to Mobile App Software designed for Android and iOS operating system. 

  • WebViewGold app template is 100% responsive 
  • It is suitable for many mobile devices no matter their dimension. 

So it doesn’t matter what type of table or smartphone your clients use, your app will look and work smoothly. 

Hurry up to use WebViewGold app template and be sure you will enjoy a huge number of benefits. 

  • You can easily select to display your launch screen image until the web app is loaded. When loading your content, you can decide to display a native loading spinner. You can also open specific or all external website links in your main app view or an additional In-App-Browser tab or the iOS/Android System Browser. 
  • Another great benefit is that you can change your web app experience by using CSS style classes when you have access on the app. You will have the chance to change the native status bar color of iOS and Android. 
  • You can be sure your app performance will be improved in no time at all due to the built-in cache mechanism. 
  • With the help of WebViewGold, all cookies can be saved. 
  • Users will also have a nice chance to use the Image, PDF, ePub, Documents, and Music Downloader API and then save these files to their mobile storage. 
  • If the user is offline, you can opt for the innovative switch mode and use a local HTML folder. You can opt for a remote URL if the user is online. Therefore, your users will have a smooth experience even if they are offline. 

If you own a business but your business website doesn’t have an app, you should start thinking about it. The development of a website is not enough for your business growth, so never ignore the importance of a mobile app. visit WebViewGold and Create Android App from Website.