It's not the ideal Madden

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Sure it is a positive step and I'm glad that they are finally addressing enhancing the franchise mode. However, the simple fact that it is going to take more than 2 fucking months for us to get 4 minor updates is absurd. This leads me to Mut 21 coins believe the coding and/or preparation of franchise mode is so fucking broken that it will take 2 months to implement minor quality of life updates. Do not get me wrong, I am glad that they're finally addressing franchise mode, but the time that it'll take for us to get them is fucking ridiculous. And if it takes 2 fucking weeks for a part 1 of 3 to arrive, then how fucking long until we get part two? And then how much fucking more time to find part 3?

Part 1 will fall when some teams are already eliminate from qualifying for its fucking playoffs. At that speed, we will most likely be fucking lucky if we get a part 2 ahead of the Super Bowl. Then who the fuck knows when we'll get a part 3. If EA really gave a shit then they would prioritize these fucking updates and get them out in a timely and reasonable fucking manner. However, they don't fucking care at all. That is too fucking little, too fucking late.

How Madden's earnings explain something that no gamer wants to hear

It's not the ideal Madden. After over a dozen decades of cheap Madden nfl 21 coins writing about the soccer collection, I know it never is. The sales figures of the past week and the review scores of past month make persuasive and competing cases, however.