I am interested in just how fleshing out villagers would work

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I am interested in just how fleshing out villagers would work

Honestly the biggest disappointment for me personally is the way hollow all of the villagers are. Landscaping and decorating got a nice increase this time, I'd rather they concentrate on fleshing out our interactions with our villagers on the Animal Crossing Bells next iteration.

I agree, it seems just like villagers have only become set dressing at this stage. They exist only to accommodate the participant rather than feeling like real characters who mainly want to do their own thing. There is also only eight villager personalities so you are guaranteed to get copies in your town.

For me personally, it's how nice I could make everything look, then it's absolutely meaningless.

Inside my house, I have a dart board, collection of board games, puzzles, arcade games... and there's no interactivity. People today post lovely screenshots of the friends hanging out, but none of the things DO anything. I'd like it if you could have all sorts of minigames as you go. If I set up two football goals in an area and utilize some sort of tool to designate the area as a field, give me a cheeky little football minigame. If my buddies come in my home, let us all play some darts or even a board game.

And don't get me wrong, I love the game. I have played with a scary number of hours, and still take great pleasure from decorating and planning. But I only wish things happened after I set it up. Let's let Ribbot use the workout area he has. Reneigh simply stumbled into an outdoor restaurant setup, possibly her and Melba want sit down and do some thing. Roald has his combat helmet on and the fireworks display is going on, let me get in his house and help calm him down.

Dude minigames would conserve the series 100%, or being able to interact with things in a more enjoyable way (possibly zoom up on the product and allow you to play it idk). And also to designate a group of things as a larger whole item ( such as the football goals)

I am interested in just how fleshing out villagers would work. Given that there's so many it would be hard to make them meaningfully unique without a whole lot of work. I've always just viewed them as a distinctive class of decorations in buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket my town/island.