Japan third party launches external audit service for IT maintenance costs

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Japan Third Party Co., Ltd. announced on the 6th that it will start an "external audit business for IT maintenance costs" that investigates, analyzes and analyzes system maintenance and maintenance.


The aim is to identify improvements in system maintenance, maintenance, and management, such as whether the maintenance contracts concluded by companies are being properly implemented, and to lead to cost reductions and Tax Consultancy.


 Companies spend about 70% of their IT budget on system maintenance and maintenance costs. The total amount is 1 trillion yen a year. Companies have concluded "annual maintenance contracts" with SIers and manufacturers that have introduced the system. However, the maintenance/maintenance service has become a black box because the company cannot technically scrutinize and verify whether the maintenance contract is properly fulfilled by itself.


 This service is a service that verifies this black-boxing. The audit results visualize the vulnerability points in the maintenance contract at nine levels and make suggestions for improvement. The company plans to cooperate with six companies, including NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting and BearingPoint, to launch the service.




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