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Aqua Gems Jewels is one of the trusted Gems precious stones and jewellery dealers in Australia with many years of experience in different countries. We are passionate about these rare, natural stones and have our business.

Aqua Gems Jewels is aware of that light is an important factor when you consider the value of a gem. The light sources always affect the color of most gems. The natural gemstone Australia time to time look best illuminated by a fluorescent light, when rubies look better under incandescent lighting. It creates inclusions the way gemstones form in the earth, or in laymen’s terms, a birthmark. The value of a gem increases when it has fewer inclusions in a gem. These inclusions are also responsible for the optical phenomena which get observed in many gemstones. For example, the value of the gem increases when it is created by inclusions. The presence of inclusions and their lack of clarity do not detract from their value in gem precious stones such as emerald and red tourmaline. The clarity has the most impact on value for gems with pastel colors because we can see the inclusions even with the bare eye.

They sell Natural gemstone jewellery by weight and measure in a carat, which is one-fifth of a gram. Therefore, buyers have to pay more per carat to get a large stone than for a small one. The gem stones rarely occur in large sizes Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and alexandrite. The gemstones available in large sizes are Amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, and amber, so they have similar price per carat as smaller stones. To make it clear that gems precious stones is the same weight but not the same size. Each of this is a different mineral with a different density. This difference in density is very helpful for the gemologists to indentify gems.

When Mother Nature creates her gem masterpieces, it is the well skilled gem cutter which releases a gems brilliance and beauty. The cut of a gem helps to create the unique optical properties of its crystal structure as it handles light differently. This cut of a gem brings up the three-dimensional shape of the gemstone and the quality of the cutting, and how well the gems shape can deliver brilliance and beauty.
It’s important to examine how the gems precious stones returns light to the eye while judging the cut of a gemstone. Preferred symmetrical cuts can return light across the entire surface of the gem.

We can manufacture Gems precious stones to imitate other gemstones. At the same time these gemstones are not imitations if created in a lab. The gemstones manufactured in labs such as Diamonds, ruby, sapphires, and emeralds can possess identical chemical and physical characteristics to the naturally occurring variety. These synthetic stones do not cost more than the natural stones. We consider Natural gemstones more valuable because of their relative scarcity. Gemstone jewelry is the all time first choice of women for every occasion whether it is gorgeously gaudy or delicately divine,.

The attractive way to display a carefully crafted piece of gems precious stones jewelry is just like, like the most delicious piece of candy that you can't wait to put your hands on. Probably it is true that gemstones are the most costly expensive form of jewelry you can purchase. This is why they are so costly. The gems precious stones which are formed by and found deep within the earth, makes them even more difficult to find and harder to access. To form diamonds it takes pure carbon, heat, and extreme amounts of pressure, normally at depths or more. It can be found closer to the earth's surface carried by magma. To have these gems one need to have knowledge about where to look, while having the proper technology to extract them, and the manpower that can do this with perfection. It’s hard to find any single size, shape, or color that is uniform to each diamond because they are formed naturally. So, approach Aqua Gems Jewels if you are looking for gems precious stones.

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