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Disposable Single Package Wet Wipe Production Line

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Disposable single package wet wipe production line supplier in China: disposable single package wet wipe production line, high speed and safety design.
Main Functions and Features
◎Suitable materials: Dustless paper, non woven fabrics.
◎Raw material: 25g/m2-80g/m2.
◎Fold width: 86-115mm (adjustable).
◎Cutting length: 100-300mm (digital adjustable).
◎Splitting width: 150-305mm (per sheet) .
◎Splitting device: Double line 12 channel (Jumbo Roll width 600-1450mm).
◎Counter: Automatic/set pile.
◎Fold type: Continue type or V, Z, C fold type.
◎Moisture: 100%-400% (adjustable).
◎Water storage: 2 sets of 600 Ls stainless mixer tank.
◎Flowing chart: Raw Material→Splitting→Folding→Moisture→Cutting→Pile→Transmission→Filling→Film
→Hole making→Sticker set Wrapping Finishing.