Gemstone Jewellery Australia

Aqua Gems Jewels is one of the trusted Gems precious stones and gemstone jewellery in Australia with many years of experience in different countries. We are passionate about these rare, natural stones and have our business roots in East Africa and now getting them for you as individual gems and gemstone jewelry in Australia. We deal with the deeply rooted gemstone business houses in Tanzania, that has some of the oldest rocks which were formed many million years ago. We understand your love for gems and gemstone jewelry, hence we handcraft each piece of Gemstone Jewelry with lot of compassion. Being one of the established family business owners of Gemstones in Tanzania and now in Australia we provide all most every type of these rarest and finest gems and gemstone jewelry. No matter whether you are looking for those exotic, natural purple tanzanite stones to be part of your jewelry or the passionate red ruby or beautiful tsavorite we have all stored for you. But gemstones don’t necessarily mean top end diamonds or rubies there are a whole range of gemstones that can be used by gemstone jewellery Australia makers for very little initial cost. Good suppliers will also carry a range of gemstones that are designed to fit their selection of mountings. A particular favourite is the deep blue azure of Lapis Lazuli with its golden flecks and shimmering iridescence. There are plenty of suppliers in the market, and there are bargains to be had, particularly if you are willing to do a little work on the stone yourself.

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