Christian t shirts

Wearing Jesus clothing say something like God showed Himself to me, and I recognize His presence. And wearing this Christian t-shirt is my own simple way of testifying to His existence. There are various ways of expressing our faith in God. Some people become missionaries, who travel from country to country spreading the word of God. Some people enter to religious vocations, living a selfless and solitary life. And some people go to remote places, dedicating themselves to help and serve the poor, the weak, and the needy.

By wearing Christian t shirts, we announce that we love God and He loves us too. This message is evident in the designs and verses printed on Christian t-shirts. Faith is not just a deep feeling for God. It is also a response. An act is required for us to be able to say that we really have faith in Him. We can site a lot of examples in the Bible to justify this.

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