The role of massage in correcting stoop
To quickly and efficiently get rid of stoop, complex measures are needed, including physiotherapy exercises, acupuncture, swimming, manual therapy, which will help stretch the back and strengthen muscle tissue, as well as therapeutic massage sessions.

In this list, the role of massage in correcting stoop can be considered one of the dominant ones. Its task is to completely relax overstressed muscles in order to restore the functionality of the musculoskeletal system and allow each of its structures to normalize their position. With regular sessions, the tone and elasticity of muscle tissue will increase, which will allow you to maintain your posture with less difficulty.
Massage with stoop with the help of massagers can be no less effective than manual massage. In the production of such structures, the anatomical features of the human body are taken into account, and automatic massage techniques reliably imitate the movements of experienced massage therapists. Electric massagers do an excellent job of relaxing tense muscles and restoring their tone and elasticity. They quickly relieve pain and, in combination with other procedures, are no less effective than chiropractors.
Modern manufacturers produce a huge amount of health products and it is quite difficult to determine which massage capes are the most popular and effective. Indeed,