Difference Between Symptoms of the Omicron Variant and Common Cold

Omicron is spreading fast and its symptoms include infection include sore throat, cold, sneezing, body pain, fever and fatigue. One good thing about the Omicron variant is that, till now it has lower hospital admissions than variants like the Delta. But experts think there are two major concerns. First is the possibility that older and vulnerable people may get more severe forms of Covid. And second is the possibility of ‘Long Covid’.

Omicron spreading fast
According to doctors, it would be wrong to take the Omicron variant lightly as it can cause serious ramifications later. Recently, Maria DeJoseph Van Kerkhove, head of The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Covid research team, told the media that uncontrolled Omicron infection is not a good sign. It must be controlled at all costs.

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