Astonishing Summer Lawn Care Tips
Summer is the most challenging time of the year for any lawn. Summer means extreme heat, wind and dryness and everything that gets thrown at your yard. One can do nothing about the season, but you can care for your lawns. At Clay fields, we understand green and provide an array of garden services like slashing and weed removal, pruning, hedging and mulching, shrub moving and removing, lawn mowing services and others in Mentone. We know that just like the garden plants, your lawn also behaves differently in different seasons and therefore here are some tips by our experts to keep your lawn healthy this summer.

Watch out for the Weeds
Weeds are there for the whole year, and they even continue to thrive in harsh summer. Dandelion and cats-ear have massive tap roots that help them survive droughts. Mowing too low and lack of nutrients can set up situations for weed to take over. You need to take special care while using lawn weeding products as many brands suggest avoiding its use in hot weather.

Water Wisely
Lawns can dry out very quickly in summer and therefore, it is recommended to get water-wise for your yard. The best is to water early in the morning while it’s still a little cool. This helps the lawn to absorb the maximum amount of water. Watering late can induce overnight humidity. This humidity can result in fungal problems, and therefore, you must take proper care while watering your lawn.

Feed Your Lawn
Water is not the only thing that would be needed for your lawn to stay healthy. You need to use an appropriate fertiliser solution that would ensure your lawn stays healthy and support both the grass and the root systems. Some fertilisers need to be watered in straight after application, and therefore it is highly recommended to check the instructions before you get started.

Lawn mowing services also need special care in the hot weather. Your lawn growth usually slows down in the dry climate due to stress. Our experts guide raising the cutting height of the mower to leave the grass longer. This would provide shade and natural cooling to the roots and soil. There are some mowing tips we would like to share:

You can also opt for mulch mowing as it helps in insulating the soil and roots that reduce evaporation.
Mowing early or late in the day can reduce the incidence of the grass developing burned tips.
The lower you cut, the more often you’ll need to cut.
You do not need to sharpen or have your mower blade sharpened after each mow – in fact, you can go a number of mows (unless you hit an object as hard or harder than the steel blade).
Check the grass clippings when mowing, if the blades of grass have split ends, then the blade of the mower the needs sharpening.
Different types of lawns behave peculiar depending on the climate and soil. It is, therefore, recommended to seek professional assistance. At Clay Fields, we understand plants and soil. We assist you with all your local lawn mowing needs in Mentone. To know more connect with us on 0408 959 822.

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Astonishing Lawn Mowing | Summer Lawn Care Tips | Clay Fields

Astonishing Lawn Mowing | Summer Lawn Care Tips | Clay Fields

Learn summer lawn care tips for astonishing lawn mowing. We assist you with all your local lawn mowing needs in Mentone. Connect with us on 0408 959 822.